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MacuView Voeding voor je Ogen


The company that produces MacuView is Food4Vision.


Newtricious originated from an agricultural background in the Limburg Oirlo. The family company Nelissen Poultry, founded in 1956 by Lei Nelissen, was originally a combined company for horticulture and egg production. Over the years, the focus shifted towards the production of eggs.

In 1990 Jos Nelissen and his wife Marieëtte took over the company of Jos his parents. Together they developed the company into one of the largest egg production companies in the Netherlands.

Science and the natural properties of eggs fascinate Jos, making him wanting more than just produce and sell eggs. In 1995, he started searched for the added value of eggs, which led him to study the possible application of eggs in specialized nutrition for the prevention of chronic diseases.

This all came together by founding Newtricious in 2006. Newtricious is an innovative R&D company with a mission: developing specialized nutrition that contributes to the maintenance of human health and well-being. Newtricious operates with the vision that nutrition can play an active role in the prevention and mild treatment of chronic diseases, thereby improving the quality of life. As a Dutch Life Sciences company Newtricious collaborates intensively with science, leading research institutions, innovative companies, organizations and government to develop specialized nutrition that can be successfully introduced on the consumer market. Newtricious did the development of MacuView. Food4Vison is the as daughter company of Newtricious responsible for the branding of MacuView.



“The egg is a wonderful product of Mother Nature. Since 1990, my wife Marieëtte and I are exploring how we can use the unique natural properties of eggs to improve the health of people. During years of research, we have developed MacuView: nutrition for the eyes that contributes to your health and well-being. ”

Jos Nelissen, founder Food4Vision



Per 26 oktober 2016 wordt de verkoop van MacuView door Plantina verzorgd.

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