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Below an overview of the frequently asked questions is depicted.
If you have any questions left after reading the questions below, please contact us.

Why is MacuView nutrition for the eyes?

Answer: MacuView is a dissolvable powder based on special egg yolk and dairy, which can be easily reconstituted to a palatable beverage. The powder is packed in sachets, making it easy to take it with you. By dissolving the powder in water, a yellow-coloured beverage is created. This beverage has a unique bioavailability, meaning that it is very easily absorbed by the human body and the active ingredients are efficiently transported to where they are needed, i.e. the yellow spot (macular) in the eye. MacuView is based on all-natural ingredients, including lutein, zeaxanthin and DHA (omega-3).

What is the advantage of MacuView compared to other supplements?

Answer: MacuView is based on special egg yolk and dairy. Research has shown that egg yolk is a superior carrier for the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. In addition, these egg yolks are very well absorbed in the human body by nature. Other dietary supplements for eye health, which contain higher amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, are not based on egg yolk, whereby a lot of the offered lutein and zeaxanthin is not absorbed in the human body, with the result that the carotenoids do not end up in the eyes.

Where can I buy MacuView

Answer: MacuView is not yet for sale on the U.S. market. Please contact us if you are interested in buying MacuView.

I spilled powder on my clothes. What should I do?

Answer: Try and rinse the affected piece of clothing as soon as possible with lukewarm water, as it is difficult to remove the yellow stains from clothing.

Is MacuView a replacement of the supplements that I am taking at the moment?

Answer: MacuView is a replacement supplement if you are taking supplements for eye health that contain the carotenoids lutein or zeaxanthin, or the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. It is not recommended to use two dietray suppelements at the same time for eye health, as this may affect the functioning of MacuView.

Can I also dissolve MacuView in more or less water?

Answer: Yes you can. You may add more or less water than the recommended 60 ml, according to personal preference. This has no negative effect on the functioning of MacuView.

What happens if I skip a day? Or take two sachets a day?

Answer: It is recommended to consume MacuView every day, preferably in the morning. If you have forgotten your daily dose, you should not take two sachets to make up. Continue with one sachet a day. It is not immediately harmful if you take two sachets, however this is not recommended.

Can I still consume MacuView 30 minutes after preparation?

Answer: We dissuade to consume Macuview 30 minutes after preparing it. As MacuView is a dietary supplement based on natural ingredients and no preservatives are added, safety can not be guaranteed.

Is MacuView a chemical food supplement?

Answer: No, MacuView is a supplement based on the natural ingredients egg yolk and dairy. In addition, sugar and sweetener of a natural origin have been added.

Can I add an extra flavour to MacuView?

Answer: Yes you can. There are no negative effects on the functioning of the product known. However, please note that many flavourings, such as syrup, contain a lot of sugar.

Why is the beverage yellow in colour?

Answer: Macuview is a powder based on special egg yolk and dairy. The chickens are fed with feed that contains the yellow flowers of the Marigold (tagetes), producing egg with a bright yellow yolk. These yolks determine the colour of MacuView. Altogether, MacuView its yellow colour is purely natural.

Is it also possible to blend MacuView in yogurt or any other food product?

Answer: Yes you can. There are no negative effects of yogurt or any other food product on MacuView known. Make sure you consume MacuView within 30 minutes after opening the sachet.

When do I need to consume MacuView?

Answer: MacuView must be taken every day, at best at a fixed time of the day, preferably in the morning.


Per 26 oktober 2016 wordt de verkoop van MacuView door Plantina verzorgd.

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